The Little Dumplings Catch a Leprechaun.

 © Saint Patrick’s Day Dumplings, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

Most of the Little Dumplings were on the Winter Ski Trip in Benecko this week with the rest of the teachers – even Fin. came back for a visit and to help out, we’re all so happy to see her again!!! My coworker and I stayed behind at the school to conduct our lessons and plan a big Friday Saint Patrick’s Day Party. It was full of face painting, drawing and coloring leprechauns, painting four-leaf clovers, making over-flowing pots of gold out of Lucky Charms cereal, and hiding Leprechauns -both indoors and outdoors- for the Dumplings to find in a scavenger hunt game. There were lots of pots of gold (chocolate coins), green sugar cookies and of course the snacks were…green (zelená pomazánka on rice cakes)!

While celebrations for Saint Patrick’s Day (in the U.S.) are pretty much for celebrating Irish heritage (if any), I found out a bit more religious context on the origins of Saint Patrick’s Day, here.

After school on Friday, my coworker and I hitched a ride with our boss to Benecko for some skiing, snow tubing and long walks in the mountainside. It was also my bosses birthday and all week, I had collected a bunch of surprise gifts for a spa-themed gift basket (I think even accidentally purchasing a low-calorie Pivo….I couldn’t read the label, hahaha). I had the kids decorate cards and I packed balloons and streamers to decorate the cabin and surprise her. On Saturday evening, when the owner took the dog out for a walk, I enlisted the help of her daughter, Fin., my coworker (A.), etc….and we set up the surprise. She seemed very happy and completely shocked!

© Benecko, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

Benecko and the cabin were gorgeous. We all cuddled up by the fire and talked and played cards all night. We sipped mulled wine and beer and hot coco and saw a little ski festival. It reminded me of winters back home. It was so nice to have time slow down a bit. My coworker A., was also in the production of The Vagina Monologues with me, so we performed our monologues/scenes for everyone…it was absolutely hilarious.

© Benecko Weekend (all photos), Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

I learned more about Krakonoš and the fairy tale stories about how he is the protector of the forest and little woodland creatures, it’s quite cute. I could even spot Krakonoš statues around town.

© Krakonoš -Forest Protector, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

It reminded me of winters back home. The most refreshing memory was the silence, it was so nice to have time slow down… to just be present. Fresh mountain air and singing birds can be such incredible medicine.

As always, be kind~

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