Lizzo- My Skin

Learning to love yourself and like learning to love your body
Is like a whole journey that I feel like every person
But more specifically, women, have to go through
So I feel like doing this is a good way to kinda break through
And kinda seal the last chapter of the “learning to love” and just loving…

The Little Dumplings Put Flowers in Her Hair.

Finally this week, the Little Dumplings gathered all of the fallen little flowers in the playground and garden. They collected the little signs of Spring that have Sprung. This week, the Little Dumplings gave me the flowers and put them in my hair. They kept saying, “Teacher, you look like a Princess!” and “Teacher, you are like Angel, we love you forever!” and “Teacher, we love you sooooooo much!” and then smothered me with hugs and kisses on the cheek and hands -fighting over who was going to hold my hand.

The Little Dumplings Catch a Leprechaun.

My coworker and I stayed behind at the school to conduct our lessons and plan a big Friday Saint Patrick’s Day Party. It was full of face painting, drawing and coloring leprechauns, painting four-leaf clovers, making over-flowing pots of gold out of Lucky Charms cereal, and hiding Leprechauns -both indoors and outdoors- for the Dumplings to find in a scavenger hunt game. There were lots of pots of gold (chocolate coins), green sugar cookies and of course the snacks were…green (zelená pomazánka on rice cakes)!