I Am Miss Colombia Continental (I’m in a Beauty Pageant)!

I have had to keep this under wraps since July!!! After being selected as a Young Diplomat for the Young Diplomats Forum #YDF2019 in Brussels, Belgium -where I learned and met some of the most extraordinarily passionate (young) activists, life-long learners, and future leaders, I’m happy to share that I will be representing Colombia in the Miss Europe Continental (Grand Final) competition and beauty pageant in Naples, Italy on November 22nd!!!

Fangirl Friday: Tom Hardy as Venom.

The CGI and special effects and creepy crawly symbiots gave me nightmares too, but I really loved watching the choices Tom Hardy made as Eddie Brock, this down and out on his luck guy who was terrified but also reconciling with this symbiotic, mutant, virus-thing (that was initially killing him) and trying to keep calm and go unnoticed…

I Was Born On A Monday.

I am so ecstatically happy and grateful to be alive, and thriving and to make it to thirty. With that, I think thirty looks great on me (hehe)! So, here’s to aging like a fine wine, abundant health, dancing the night away with friends, and most importantly, unbridled love.