“Sfortuna Al Gioco, Fortuna in Amore…”

Unlucky at cards, lucky in love ©  Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

I attended a poker party over the weekend. The kind where there are delectable charcuterie boards of smooth cheeses paired with grapes and toasted baguettes, plates of strawberries, small bites, and little treats. Everything was almost too good to eat (almost)! Each guest also brought additional small snacks, desserts and more bottles of wine (and preferred alcoholic beverages of their choice).

Now, I certainly know my way around a poker table. While I’m far from an expert, some of my most prized childhood memories are of playing poker, gin rummy and blackjack (along with chinese checkers) with my grandfather. He played often with “the boys”, his group of friends and then he invited me to join the gang when he was on grandparent babysitting duties. I remember waging my bets with cookies (occasionally pennies, but mostly chocolate chip cookies). Back in the day, I ran a steep bargain. All of that to say I’m certainly not a complete or absolute beginner poker player. However, the evening of this poker tournament/dinner party, I was exceptionally terrible at the game. I’m giggling to myself as I type this, maybe it was the wine or chocolate or cheese but…I was tapped out and folding at just about every other round and hand. As an aside, I’m usually never particularly competitive when I play cards -it’s all just fun to laugh and participate in, I enjoy connecting and talking more more, but this night was the funniest! I could barely string together a two or three of a kind. Upon reflection, I learned that I’m really quite terrible at this game!!!

In an effort to make me feel better, my company kept consoling me with the famous idiom, “Unlucky in cards, lucky in love…” or, “Sfortuna al gioco, fortuna in amore…” in Italian. Up until that evening, I had never ever heard of the phrase in my entire life.

But, I’m willing to place my bets (again) and happily take my future earnings and cash them out all the way at the love bank. Maybe losing isn’t so bad after all?

I guess only time will tell…

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