Puikula, Salmiakki, Matcha Pancakes…oh my!

As I have written before, I grew quite attached and became good friends with one of the visiting Finnish teachers (Fin.), who participated in the teaching exchange all the way up until Thanksgiving. When she left, both the kids, my coworker and I were just devastated. During circle time, the kids kept saying, “Where’s Finland? I want to go to Finlandddddd! Tell Fin. to come back, when is Fin. coming back?”. I shared their sentiments and sad feelings that come with missing people you care about.

But, all hope is not lost! Fin. came and stayed with me before and after the Little Dumplings had their Winter Camp and ski trip in Benecko at the end of March. More importantly, we have had two new teachers (also from Finland, I’ll call them “I.” and “L”) and they are every bit as sweet, kind and lovely! The kids are stuck to them like a tree frog on a leaf.

Additionally, it was really helpful to have the extra helping hands throughout the day -science class, art class, theater, lunch/snack preparations and circle time too. Over the weekend my coworker, I., L. and I got together for lunch over Matcha Pancakes and Thai food at AntHill Cafe. It was really delicious, I devoured my Vietnamese Egg Coffee and Thai Noodle Soup. I also brought Salmiakki (salted liquorice that I’m in love with) – I. and L. had gifted me as a goodbye present, and I shared how much I love toasted Puikula with a little butter or peanut butter (Americans and our peanut butter…hahaha!). During Fin’s visit, she gifted me (simular to the mini rye toasty crackers that she and I would eat during out work hours) and some delectable chocolates. I. and L. are almost done with their study exchange here in Prague, they fly back to Finland next weekend!

We all talked about celebrating with some kind of goodbye dinner, I really hope we can do it! Endings are such sweet sorrow, but I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to work and meet them, we have certainly shared a lot of laughs. I’ll definitely be visiting Fin., I. and L. some time in the future!

As always, be kind~

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