Life is a Fairy Tale…

© Fire-breathing Dragon and Fairy Tale Knights, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

The theme this week at school was “Fairy Tales”. My little students learned how to work together, coloring in and naming a giant “Fire-breathing Rainbow Dragon” and “Fairy Tale Knight”. They each dipped their hands in paint and placed their hand prints along the spine of the Dragon. Later in the week, the littlest littles (as we sometimes call them), made magic wands from colored paper, sparkles and little streams of paper. They all played and learned how to cast spells, and learned a few “Magic Words” (“Please/Prosim”, “Sorry/Promiňte” and “Thank you/Dekuji”).

Throughout the week we read some of their favorite stories; the bigger kids took turns telling their own fairy tale adventures -stories from home, and some even shared stories from far away lands (like grandma/ babička and grandpa’s/dědeček house in the countryside) and went to the Children’s Paradise at Berchtold Castle to explore miniature castles and visit an old witch.
© Berchtold Castle Lucia Saldarriaga Photo
© Berchtold Castle Witch, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

What a great way to take a step back and reflect on some of the luck and wonderfully random circumstances (ups and downs included) that occur in life. I believe that in a lot of ways, each of us is on our own “hero’s journey”; we are fighting tangible and imaginary dragons and villains, experiencing wild adventures across the world, accomplishing our own goals and overcoming missions until the story ends.

What books or fairy tales do your kids love? What stories did you love when you were younger? Also, what fiction and stories have you read recently that had you brimming with excitement?

As always, be kind~
© A Few of My Fire-breathing Dragons, Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

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