Fangirl Friday: Tom Hardy as Venom.


© Tom Hardy/Venom, SONY Photo

Saturday evening, I had a movie night with my old teammate (she was in town visiting me) and my close friend and her fiancé. We all finally went to see Venom! I thought Tom Hardy was very funny and I loved the relationship dynamic between Venom and Michelle Williams character (successful and hard working lawyer Anne Weying). Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake was sufficiently creepy and holy Jenny Slate as Dr. Dora Skirth!

The CGI, special effects and creepy crawly symbiots gave me nightmares too! But, I really loved watching the choices Tom Hardy made as Eddie Brock. I believed that Brock was this down and out (on his luck) rebel kind of guy who was terrified, but also reconciling these out of body and physical symptoms he was sharing with this symbiotic, mutant, virus-thing (that was initially killing him) and trying to keep calm and go unnoticed in the real world. I laughed out-loud!

Also, total fan girl moment but Tom Hardy is so cute! Ahhh (*swoon*), that British accent during his Q & A press junket, it’s just so charming. Oh how I’d still love to act in a scene with Tom Hardy!

He’s a dog lover and a Virgo too.


44091797_539941196416861_981705510979895296_n.jpg © Tom Hardy/Not Venom, Psycho Girlfriend on Facebook Photo