It’s a Leaf Party!

Singing (together): The leaves are falling down, the leaves are falling down, Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown, the leaves are falling down… (repeat, as encouraged).

My Fall Dumpling Assistants © Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

It’s well into October, and Mother Nature is leaving little clues about the passage of time and changing seasons. Simultaneously, all my little dumplings (that’s what I like to call them), are embracing the color changes and exciting opportunities and gifts that come with trees losing their leaves.

For us adults, falling leaves can signal a minor hassle in outdoor lawn or home care -I forgot how labor intensive it was to rake an entire (formerly) grassy patch of the outdoor playground, until I was assigned the job! OOOOoooophhh, my arms are already sore, I can only imagine how I will feel when I wake up.

On Tuesday, we collected some of the fallen leaves to make our own “Fall Foxes” with the big dumplings (the littlest dumplings had modified “Fall Foxes”, they colored in fox faces and learned about fall colors). This is definitely a cute project that kids can also easily do on a fall weekend with family or friends.

For this art project, the materials we used were:

  • Leaves
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Brown, Black or White Paper, cut into small triangle noses (additionally, pom-poms could be used), plus additional pieces cut in whatever shape kids can imagine (for ears).
  • Observations & Alternatives: If your kids are trying to perfect their cutting skills or really struggling, you can also pre-cut shapes and have the kids glue or tape them to the leaves. You can also have your kids break apart pieces of different colored leaves for the ears and noses (no pom-poms, or additional paper necessary).

Fall Foxes © Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

I have to give credit where it is due, I found the idea for the Fall Foxes on this Family website that catalogs a whole range of kids’ crafts, but I also think it’s a super site for entire families to bond with each other (especially away from their phones or televisions) through the creative process.

Anyway, the day went well, but I think it was possibly one of the best days for the the late dumplings, who were able to enjoy the many fruits of my labor. After raking all of the leaves from morning (and afternoon) outside time, I enlisted the help of a few dumpling assistants and we amassed the biggest, most pillowy pile of leaves imaginable. Then, at the instruction of the late dumplings, I counted down from one to ten -in Czech, which not only took me an absurdly long time (because my Czech is terrrrrribleeeeee), but it also produced gasps of belly laughs at the expense of my pride, there were dumplings that were doubled over with laughter because of my horrible pronunciation. I digress, counting down from deset, devět, osm, sedm, šest, pět, čtyři, tři, dva, jedna…

The countdown was followed by a big SPPPLLAAASSHHHHHHhhhhhhh and SSSSssswwwWWWooOOOSsssHHHHhhhh…and all of my dumplings disappeared into the leaves, some reemerged to show me their, “Olympic Backstroke”, some threw the leaves onto themselves and their friends, others laughed infectiously and screamed with joy while other dumplings stood up, jumped and then sat (well, excitedly plopped) -up and down and up and down and up and down, then they spun until they were dizzy enough to fall back into the bed of leaves again. It was pure Fall joy!

A Big Fall Leaf Party © Lucia Saldarriaga Photo

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