Black Lives Matter

As a performer, human on this earth, and individual who has worked in the policy, human rights and legal field, Black Lives Matter! Here are (some) resources that I pulled together from organizations taking action for equality. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and won’t solve the deep roots of systemic racism that are embedded in American society since the first slaves were forced onto stolen land. I hope it is a start for necessary change…

I’m Officially Lady Reina Colombia 2020!

In the words of one of my lifelong idols Aaliyah, “If at first you don’t succeed (first you don’t succeed), dust yourself off, and try again, you can dust it off and try again, try again…”. I’ve had to keep this under wraps since January but I’m officially Reina Lady Colombia 2020 in the Reina Intercontinental Pageant! I’ll be heading to Costa Rica to compete.