A September Welcome: Hello, How Are You?

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Singing: Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? Hello, how are you? How are you today? It’s good to see that _______ is here! It’s good to see that
_______ is here! How are you today?

Monday August 27, 2018 was the first day of the school year at the Preschool where I am teaching full-time. After a warm summer getting adjusted and working with Summer Camp at the school (summer camp began in June), and getting acquainted with some of the summer munchkins, it’s exciting to finally have a full classroom of children, and to be in the full swing of things. We have about twenty-six kids with us at the school. It’s quite the international school with a nice mix of children not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, United States, a half Venezuelan-half Czech student, a student from India and everything in between.

Work starts at 8 am on most days and I am responsible for conducting Circle Time with the older kids. Circle Time is a chance to get all the kids in tune with their listening skills, build their confidence and encourage them to respond (even if they make mistakes, which is absolutely fine -and certainly welcome). Circle Time also includes learning about verbs (especially by “actioning” and physically doing), counting, learning the alphabet, a little about vowels, spelling your name and your classmates names, learning the days of the week, months of the year, talking about the weather and covering many other topics. To begin each day, I sing the little song that begins with, “Hello, how are you?…” (Ahoj, jak se máš?) passing out their seasonal name tags and getting to learn about their weekend (or night or morning) adventures.

After I go around and ask each child about how they are feeling, I also like to ask, “Co jsi jedl k snídani?” (What did you eat for breakfast?). It’s a nice way for me to gauge who eats what, who might be a picky eater, and to make sure each child eats enough around snack time, or to see if they are sluggish, because they are hungry. Empty bellies are certainly not fun!

These little kids are so adorable, they each have such different personalities but I feel all warm and fuzzy talking to each of them, learning their names, and they say the silliest things about their moods like, “I’m so happy because I ate a lot a lot a lot of chleb (bread) and all the coffee. I like coffee so much!” -I assure you, none of the parents allow their children to drink coffee, but it’s very cute to hear their quirky responses!

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