Life’s Simple Pleasures: Audrey Hepburn’s Spaghetti al Pomodoro.

I think what strikes me most -much like any bond of unconditional love between animal/human, is the gentleness of care that I imagine Ms. Hepburn exuded when she cared for Ip (or any of her pets, she had a dog too). As an introverted person, I have always found comfort in nurturing and caring for pets. Growing up my parents bought me a dog, we had cats, I would rescue wounded birds and animals and nurse them back to health. It’s so tender and sweet to imagine Ms. Hepburn out and about -living her life, with this cute little sidekick.

Fun & Games: A Little Chess…

Chess pieces each have their own unique paths of movement on the standard chess board, along with their own value. The highest valued/ranked pieces (Queen) and lower value pieces (Pawn) each play an important role when trying to beat your opponent. The names of all the Chess pieces are:

1. Queen 2. King 3. Rook 4. Bishop 5. Knight 6. Pawn